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Before setting up my own data & insight consultancy I was Deputy CEO of The Active Wellbeing Society delivering solutions around Citizen Science data innovation, Evaluation Frameworks, Data Visualisation, Sport England Local Delivery Pilot and Commonwealth Games Legacy.


Prior to this I was Head of Strategic Research and Insight, Birmingham City Council, the 2nd largest city in the UK.


Now I have fingers in many pies, the Co-op being a large juicy one. Just love community data!



I've been passionate about community engagement in the context of wellbeing for over a decade.


I've worked with large and small cities and towns in the UK and Europe, alongside organisations like Sport England and URBACT, or in partnership with the likes of Asda, Cow & Gate, Beat the Street, helping them to engage with people around wellbeing issues and how to capture and use community data to plan and create better places for people to live, work and play in.



My working life has always been about communications - in many different sectors but particularly in healthcare where I am part of the the Global Brand Team for AstraZeneca.

I enjoy taking an active role in the communities where I live - the Community Data Cooperative is an exciting evolution which I am proud to help.


Otherwise life is full with kids, dogs, cats and hens...and thinking about all the hobbies I would like to day...

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