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Our next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Friday 20th October 2023, 17.00 – 18.00 pm. This meeting will be held online via Zoom.

The purpose of this meeting is to elect a new Director for the year ahead, update you about what we have achieved this year and answer any questions you may have.

If you have not already received an invite to attend this meeting please register in advance by clicking here. You must have registered before midnight on the 16th of October to attend.

If you are not sure how to set up Zoom on your device to be able to attend, then follow these links for more information:

1. For laptop or PC, click here.

2. For mobile device or tablet using Google Play (Android) here.

3. or the ‘App Store’ (iPhone), using your mobile device here.

If you’d like to ask any questions or propose a draft motion or resolution in advance, please send Quentin an email at and he will answer in advance or on the day.


Once you have registered you will receive an email from us on or before the 18th of October containing further information about the meeting and final confirmation of the agenda.


You can access our formal AGM notice and papers electronically here.


If you have any questions about attending the AGM, please contact me on my email above.


I look forward to seeing you on the day!


Quentin - Founder Member

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