Some of the great ideas you suggested!

Improving Mental Health

  • Walk it Off : Escorted walks/bike rides – have a potter and a chat.
  • Community Crafted: Extension of Shed idea to Community Shed idea – find a space, share a skill, learn a craft, lend an ear – create a shop!
  • It Takes 2 To Work It Out: Tandem bike sessions – Woah!
  • Be Calm: Yoga4 health, reflect and share
  • Get It Off Your Chest: Community Softball league – create a team, borrow a bat, have a laugh
  • Don’t Let Work Get You Down: Employer scheme working with the employees to create community solutions solving work depression
  • Community Farm: Pilot with Newton Rigg (Agricultural college facing closure in Cumbria) - run by volunteers, GP/school/employers links/referrals, link to shop (run by volunteers (self-sustainable)
  • Dare to Dunk: Coldwater immersion project – fixed location (plunge pool), pop up (mobile tank), or rewilding focused, with travel to restorative places

Calming Chaos

  • A Problem Shared: Fun, family park sessions, mentor-led – pop up/pop along/share an issue and talk it out!
  • Space. The Community Frontier: Community space regeneration projects – reclaim an area for communal work all ages, all skills, sustainable outcomes (Fields in Trust link?)
  • Walk It Off: See above
  • Community Vegetation: Allotment scheme, run by volunteers - link to shop where produce sold (run by volunteers)
  • Events Co-Operated: New community vehicle (Co-op) whose purpose is to create target focused fun activities in the community – the focus is on learning/doing something culminating in an event or collecting things whilst doing something creating emotional or tangible rewards. It can be event focused or collector focused using QR codes in public locations.

Motivating Digitally Excluded

  • AcTv: Activity Ideas TV Channel – create a new free to view channel on terrestrial TV with activity sessions, tips, promotions, etc. Pop up Park Screens plugging into free TV channel – with volunteer mentors.
  • Buddy UP: Connect 12/13/14 secondary school kids with 60+ - skills exchange (Sports Leaders initiative maybe?) Home visits or Community Centres/School Halls
  • GP Buddy Scheme – promoted by GP, telephone-based for hooking up to go for walk/bike ride – link to a Bike Bank to borrow a bike
  • TechBuster: Rent an iPad/big screen for individual or communal use. Plug into the menu of pre-setup online activity sessions. Phone service (automated call center application) iPad delivered and collected by a volunteer on a bicycle (same day), the screen comes with instructor 30 min sessions delivered to the venue
  • All Aboard: Pop up double-decker bus – downstairs activity space, upstairs have a chat – fixed route, 30 min gap between stops

Sport England was offering £1,000,000 worth of funding for good ideas, involving physical activity, which could help people and communities recover from the impacts of Covid.


  1. £50K to help fund your best community ideas (some examples of which we gave them, featured on the left here).
  2. And access to the Sport England network to help grow our Membership and so build a louder voice for our community, be heard, and get more things done to create happier, healthier places for us all to live.


The good news is Active Cumbria succeeded and we have passed your ideas on to them - you never know...