Facebook Poll May 2020


  • Engaged the Cumbrian Facebook community on whether they loved or hated the signs on the road entrances to Keswick – “KESWICK IS STILL CLOSED”
  • Ran a simple, anonymized poll on the Community Data Cooperative Facebook page – “Do you Love it or Hate it?”
  • Promoted across Cumbrian region for 5 days from 17-21st May


  • 8438 people reached
  • 52% women 48% men
  • 51% aged 55+
  • 6% aged 18-34
  • 1106 Engagements
  • 89 comments and 31 shares
  • 25 individuals commenting 13 males and 12 women
  • 167 Likes = 7 Loves and 160 Likes
  • 211 Votes in total

“Looking at the conversations generated, most were from those in favour, the dissenters choosing to remain quiet and yet the participants had no idea of how the vote was going. Reasoned debate needs to hear from all parties in a safe neutral environment, something the Community Data Cooperative will be provided to anyone who wants to hear voices from all sides.” Quentin, Founder