“emergence of low touch economy requires businesses to listen to consumers to get their offering right”

An interesting read from The Board of Innovation, they even mention the emergence of 'community Co-op!' Visit HERE to read all about it!

Independent SAGE Report May 2020

Interesting impartial views and advice from an independent source.

Worth a read!

Key point for us in the Executive Summary:

Communities and civil society organisations should have a voice, be informed, engaged and participatory in the exit from lockdown. This pandemic starts and ends within communities. Full participation and engagement of those communities on issues such as childcare and public transport will assist with enabling control measures. Conversely, a top-down approach risks losing their support and trust. We are deeply concerned about the effects of the infection and the lockdown on BAME, marginalised, and low-income groups. There is an urgent need for government to demonstrate such active participation from communities from around the country.

Independent SAGE Report May 2020



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