We ran a quick poll amongst our Members on Facebook, with the promise to participants to let all our MPs know the results to pass on.

We went public after 2 days just as the government did a u-turn!

The speed with which we engaged with Members and fed back results just goes to show how quickly The Community Data Co-op can engage with the community and how in the future, as we grow, we can be a very useful finger on the pulse and help avoid errors of judgement such as these.

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The top-line results were (45 responses):

Q: I think my local school will have originally made the right assessment for their pupils' A levels and GCSEs?

Strongly agree 39%

Agree 55%

Q2: The algorithm created by Ofqual is a good way of making fair decisions regards pupils' grades.

Strongly disagree 80%
Disagree 17%

Q3: Ofqual doesn't trust teachers to grade pupils correctly.

Strongly agree 48%

Agree 39%

Q4: Pupils' grades should be at least the same as those they achieved at mocks.

Strongly agree 50%
Agree 36%

Q5: The government is in the process of messing up 000s of pupils' education and futures.

Strongly agree 82%

Agree 11%

Q6: There is still time for the government to put things right.

Strongly agree 64%

Agree 32%