Join the Community Data Cooperative to have your say,

get paid for it and become part of the new

"Data for Good" movement.

To find out more about how to join in,

everyday folk click here, businesses here

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We’re a new community project with a mission:

to share the value of personal and community information in a fairer way.

As a cooperative we are owned and run by our Members.

Everyone has an equal say.

And we decide collectively how to manage things and what we do with the profit.

We’re aiming for 5000 members from all walks of life, from all over Cumbria

Everyone’s a bit fed up of big business making money out of our personal data, profiles and preferences. Facebook ring a bell?

To put you back in charge, we’ve launched a community market research business starting here in Cumbria. You'll decide which organisations use your data and how they pay for it.

This fairer way to share personal and community information which we call Data for Good. We’re quite unique, a world first even?

Go Cumbria!

Business and public sector organsations commission us to do some research. We gather your opinions and ideas and provide this information to them in return for cash for you and your communities. It is the same as any other research business except the community owns this one and the profits all go back to the community.

Everyone can join in and it’s completely free.

Once you’re a Member, you’ll be invited to get involved in market research projects in your spare time - completing surveys, attending research groups or chatting online.

You can join in as many or as few projects as you want. The more you engage the more valuable the research is – and that means more profit to redistribute back to Members and invest in community projects through our Wellbeing Fund.

All your personal information is kept anonymous. Only you and the cooperative know what you’ve said. Your data is safe with us and ultimately under your control.

The Community Data Cooperative is not about making money for a select few. We think it’s fairer if we all get some reward for our efforts and the rest is put back into communities through the Wellbeing Fund.

Every year the Wellbeing Fund gets a chunk of money to fund the community projects you choose – whether that's renovating a play area on a village green, reopening the village hall, setting up a community kitchen or organising a Summer Fayre.

You choose.

Everyone benefits.

Businesses are welcome to join too!

We've had a chat and with the larger bodies and organisations involved in the energy, health and public sectors and they are all really interested to understand more about the local challenges, bright ideas and aspirations

SMEs face, have and dream about.

So please sign up - see below.

Heard enough?

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To find out more about how to join in;

everyday folk click here

businesses click here

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To find out more about how to join in, click here